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PureTec Tangential Flow Filtration System

PureTec system is a software-driven lab scale TFF protein purification system that automatically monitors and adjusts trans-membrane pressure (TMP) or cross flow rate to optimize product yield. User-selectable alarms allow automatic stopping at a given concentration factor or diafiltration exchanges. When sold with SciDoc, documentation capabilities include 17 real time filtration parameters such as TMP, permeate flow rate and quantity, Normalized Water Permeability (NWP), concentration factor, and other parameters over time. The automatic documentation and alarm system allows the user to focus on other tasks while the system is running.

Walk-Away TFF Automation

The PureTec includes operational safety alarms and automated shutdown when filtration benchmarks have been achieved. PureTec maintains user-selected trans-membrane pressure during TFF / Cross-Flow Filtration / Protein Purification operations.

PureTec Tangential Flow Filtration System automates concentration & diafiltration of biopharmceutical solutions. A 500 ml retentate vessel (polysulfone) with magnetic stirrer is included; 50 ml and 1000 ml retentate vessels are available options. Programmable peristaltic system generates a flow rate up 4.0 liters/minute with high precision.

PureTec TFF System also includes three (3) disposable pressure sensors for monitoring feed, retentate and permeate line pressure.

PureTec TFF System includes an electronic scale for monitoring permeate collection rate. Optional printer documents up to 11 filtration parameter including date/time stamp.


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