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FilterTec Normal Flow Filtration System

The FilterTec is a software-driven laboratory scale Normal Flow Filtration (NFF) system that automatically monitors, adjusts and documents pre-filter back pressure and permeate flow rate to optimize filtration speed, maximize filter throughput, and scientifically evaluate or compare different filters using calculations such as Vmax and total filter throughput. The automatic documentation and alarm/pump stop settings allow the user to focus on other tasks while the system is running.

The user-selectable alarms allow automatic stopping once a given filter back pressure or minimum filtrate flow rate is reached. When sold with SciDoc, documentation capabilities include 15 real-time filtration parameters such as: permeate flow rate, quantity, pressure, Vmax, etc… over time. The patented R/P stat mode has been proven to increase filter throughput up to 35% saving significant money on filters over time.

FilterTec Advantage

  • Patented filtration method provides significant cost savings. This automated method results in a 30-50% increase in filter capacity utilization.
  • Dedicated application tools for filterability testing and Vmax determination with automated data collection of up 15 filtration parameters.
  • No need for manual data collection.
  • The FilterTec is easy to use and has a small (6" x11") footprint.


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